The Levine/Leavitt Young Guns Assistance Program

Levine/Leavitt has been a proud partner of Young Guns since 2014. Each year, they select an individual from the incoming class as its Artist In Residence Award winner, presenting them with a full year of artist and career management representation. Past winners include artists such as Gemma O’Brien, Armando Veve, Yuval Haker, and Danaé Gosset.

However, in order to be named an Artist-In-Residence winner, you must also win Young Guns, a herculean task of skill and luck that thousands of creatives have strived for but few have achieved. For some, the entry fee for Young Guns is the first barrier.

In order to help creatives over that hurdle, Levine/Leavitt is pleased to announce the Levine/Leavitt Young Guns Assistance Program, open to illustrators and photographers who qualify for Young Guns 21 but may not have the means to enter with ease. Successful applicants will be gifted with free entry into the Young Guns 21 competition courtesy of Levine/Leavitt — a first step towards possible Young Guns glory!

Deadline for Applications: June 30, 2023.

The Levine/Leavitt YG Assistance Program application portal is now closed.