Over the years, Young Guns winners have come from a wide variety of creative disciplines. While Young Guns 18 is open to almost every category of creative professional, we hope that by listing the following disciplines of past winners, you'll be able to see more clearly that this competition is right for you and your talents.

Advertising, Art Direction & Copywriting

Madison Avenue is your sandbox, allowing you to bring together painstakingly crafted art and breathtaking copy to sell everything from cola to cultural revolution.

Architecture, Environmental & Interior Design

"If you build it, they will come." Whether you've designed a building, transformed its insides or perfected the land on which it sits, this discipline favors large scale thinking and execution.


'Digital' has grown to become way more than just websites. Rather than paints and inks, your palette contains ones and zeroes, with digital creations both functional and fantastical.


The human body is a canvas, and your creations are the medium that helps it shine, from the runway to retail.

Film & Animation

Lights! Camera! Action! You are a master of the moving image, whether they're provocative documentaries, emotional web shorts or engrossing CGI animated stories.

Graphic Design

From logos to layouts, from branding to book design, from posters to packaging and everything in between, your skills at visual communication are above reproach.


Back in kindergarten, everybody loved to draw. For you, however, that love never left. Today you lend your skills to posters, to magazine editorials, to branding and so, so much more.

Industrial & Product Design

It's one thing to create an image, but creating a mass-produced object of impeccable form and function is a whole new challenge, one that you live and live to tackle.


From film to digital, from black and white to full color, from fashion to food, you are most at home behind the camera, capturing still images that engage your audience.

Typography & Lettering

The letterforms of the alphabet are your passion, whether they flow from your pen as beautiful calligraphy, or are meticulously crafted as typesets and fonts for others to use.


Does your creative forté lie beyond these disciplines? Not to worry, there may still be a place for you among the Young Guns community! Past winners have included a sound designer, street artists, and a renowned food designer. So don't be afraid of the "other" option — it just might be what sets you apart from the rest.