The One Club for Creativity — in partnership with first-generation Filipinx designer and Young Guns 8 winner Rich Tu — is ecstatic to open a third exciting season of COLORFUL, the worldwide portfolio competition aimed at putting BIPOC creative professionals in the spotlight en route to even further acclaim in the globally renowned Young Guns 21.

The COLORFUL competition is now closed. Winners and finalists will be announced on July 6, 2023.


COLORFUL is free to enter for BIPOC creatives who meet the qualifications of entering Young Guns — 30 years of age and under with at least two years of professional experience under their belts — but haven't yet won Young Guns.

But COLORFUL doesn’t just prepare creative professionals for a chance at Young Guns glory; top winners also receive cash grants to put towards their own personal passion projects. Use it for post-production on a short film, to upgrade your hardware, or even to help cover rent while you pursue your creative dreams. It’s all up to you!


Young Guns has long been a goal for countless young creatives worldwide to aspire to. With COLORFUL, we hope to put more Black, Latinx, Asian, and Indigenous talent onto that stage.

COLORFUL is made possible by donations from Russell's Reserve and Sunday Afternoon, as well as personal contributions by past Young Guns winners, Rich Tu (YG8), Menno Kluin (YG6), and Tré Seals (YG17). Branding for COLORFUL was created by Sunday Afternoon, with a custom typeface by Tré Seals.

Young Guns 21 will open for entries on May 17, 2023.


The COLORFUL competition is now closed. Winners and finalists will be announced on July 6, 2023.


COLORFUL not only serves as a gateway to the renowned Young Guns competition, but it also provides prize grants for its top finishers.

  • 1st Prize: $3,000.00 USD
  • 2nd Prize: $2,000.00 USD
  • 3rd Prize (2x): $1,000.00 USD

In addition, one COLORFUL applicant will receive 12 months of mentorship from the leadership team of Sunday Afternoon, the female and minority-owned creative studio and artist representation agency behind this year’s COLORFUL branding.

All winners and finalists also receive free entry into the Young Guns 21 competition. In addition, the first ten COLORFUL entrants will also receive free entry into Young Guns 21.


This year, COLORFUL was honored to have Washington DC-based type designer and Young Guns 17 winner Tré Seals once again contribute to its branding and identity via Vocal Type Foundry. Tré created the bold COLORFUL typeface, and has made it available for all to purchase, with all proceeds going towards future COLORFUL grant prizes and initiatives.

We thank Tré for his continued support and encourage you to purchase and download this beautiful and striking typeface.

Past Winners & Finalists